Adelaide's best new music (2024)

We've rounded up Adelaide's best new music for June, including Ebony A Million, Haptics, Loopole, Maybe Hugo, Travis Cook and more.

  • Words: Claudia Dichiera, Helen Karakulak and Charlie Gilchrist
  • Graphic: Mikaela Balacco

Alexander Flood — remix of Gratts’ ‘Sun Circles’

Over a year ago, we covered Belgian DJ/producer Gratt’s and his latest — at the time — single ‘Sun Circles’. The song was written for his two young sons, Leo and Ziggy. It featured Nathan Haines on the saxophone and flute, and Mr. Beale (Ellie Beale) on vox.


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When DJ Gratt’s performed a live gig with Adelaide drummer, band leader and producer Alexander Flood, the two instantly clicked, discussing all things music and their mutual connection to Berlin. After this, Alexander decided to record and remake a fresh take of the song ‘Sun Circles’, featuring Kara Manansala’s vocals, Jack Strempel on keys, Dylan Paul on bass and Tom Noonan on flute.

Beyonce’s Fiances — ‘La Sing’

You haven’t experienced Adelaide unless you’ve stumbled drunkenly into La Sing on Gouger Street at 2am on a random Sunday morning. Bonus points if you’ve requested anything by Charli xcx. Beyonce’s Fiances — the three-piece synth pop band who recently moved back home to Adelaide — are all about this. Their latest track ‘La Sing’ is about “the greatest karaoke bar on the planet” along with “all the wild things you see and hear there”.

Ebony A Million — ‘Molasses’

Formerly known as Ebony Emili, ‘Molasses’ is the first track from the rebranded artist, Ebony A Million. It tells a cautionary tale of having an intoxicating girl crush on someone, and how fun it can be set to a vibrant melody. This pop track is bouncy, just like you bounce between listening to your head and your heart when you meet someone sweet on the surface, and sour underneath.

Haptics — ‘Haptic Touch’

You may recognise Haptics as a supporting act at Ancient World gigs. ‘Haptic Touch’ is the latest track from the songwriter, producer and musician, showing off how she wants to touch the local electronic dance genre. This pop-blended glitched-out track transports you right to the club, boots squelching on the sticky floor, arms raised and in your own world.

Jamie Lena – ‘Devour’

Ah, Jamie Lena, you never fail to disappoint. How could we not include your latest song onCityMag‘sbest new music list? This song is sexy, cool and everything in between. The bassline is simple yet effective, while the keys add a bluesy twang. CityMag literally devoured this song!

JesseMelancholy — ‘we can change the world if we try’

‘We can change the world if we try’ is the second single off of JesseMelancholy’s upcoming debut EP Does the skin I wear define me due for release later this year. It’s the experimental indie-rock the artist is known for, with a melody that’s – what else – melancholic. The track reflects on wasted youth and builds to a crescendo that captures a plea for self-acceptance. It’s exactly as moody and catchy as we’ve come to expect from JesseMelancholy, and an on-point rainy day listen.

Loopole — ‘In Reverse’

Loopole is a five-piece alternative rock band you might recognise from sharing stages with Ocean Alley, Hockey Dad, The Empty Threats and more. ‘In Reverse’ is the final single off their EP that is expected to drop in September. It’s a moody warning to not let the noise of the outside world change the way you navigate it. The atmospheric guitars ground the track and reflect a post-punk vibe CityMag digs.

Maybe Hugo — ‘Fool’

‘Fool’ is the second song on CityMag’s radar by Maybe Hugo and it’s boppy, fun and puts us in a good mood — it’s everything we need on repeat on our way to start off a day in the office. Maybe Hugo started his own journey as a solo artist this year, with his first debut single ‘Like B4’ released in April. Maybe Hugo began his Adelaide music career as a saxophonist in a band setting as well as a resident Adelaide DJ and he says these experiences solidified his commitment to music and inspired him to release his own work.

Mum Friends — ‘Clean’

‘Clean’ prompted this CityMag reporter to do the walk of shame to the office kitchen with her empty coffee mug collection. The latest from Mum Friends after a hiatus, we’re glad they’re back, relatable dirty-dish shaming and all. ‘What will it take to be clean?’ is the question belted from them as this track captures the drowning feeling of having more responsibilities than drive. The moving lyrics and deliciously crunchy guitars make this a must-add to your ‘optimistic scream-crying in the rain’ playlist this winter.

Nug Chompah – ‘Nebulous Perception’

Nug Chompah’s newest release, ODE2DNB, is just that – an ode to drum n’ bass music. Considering this, it might seem strange to choose the least D’n’B-sounding track on the EP, but this CityMag reporter is a sucker for chilled-out, trip-hop beats. Growing out of the UK’s ‘90s jungle scene, drum n’ bass has experienced a significant revival in recent years.

Nyassa — ‘Electric Woman’

The first seconds of Nyassa’s ‘Electric Woman’ sounds like another familiar voice, Sia who is coincidently, originally from Adelaide. The powerhouse vocals of Nyassabeam from our ear buds as she chants: “Don’t dare to rain on her / She’s something powerful”. Nyassa says this is one of her favourite songs she has written, as she released ‘Ghost’ and ‘Falling Apart’ within the last year.

“It’s a new era,” she says.

“The ‘Electric Woman’ is my alter ego… she is the confidence.

“I feel like we all have the ‘Electric Woman’ inside of us. She is the whole universe. A power source. I channel my strength from her all the time!”

But there’s one thing that strikes a chord when watching the newly released video clip: Nyassa — who’s giving 80s pop queen — has an eye for style, with bleach blonde cool-girl hair raised high and sunglasses featuring a row of lipsticks covering her eyes. Nyassa co-directed the video clip and also styles herself as fashion is one of her passions.

short snarl (Thea Martin) — ‘Heat Heavy’

If CityMag were to give a label to ‘Heat, Heavy’ by short snarl (a.k.a. Thea Martin), it would be alt-country. The Adelaide-based violinist creates music spanning the genres of folk, post-rock and noise with local bands including Twine, War Room and Wake in Fright. ‘Heat Heavy’ features on Thea’s debut release under the name short snarl, Gossamer Songs, which the musician describes as “a meandering amble through lofi resonances; lyrically and sonically embracing the power of intimacy through fragility”.

Sofia Menguita — ‘I’ve’

Sofia Menguita’s new EP titled Growing Pains is softly spoken — exactly what we’d expect from the WOMADelaide x NSS Academy graduate singer. CityMag’s top pick is ‘I’ve’. This song quietly strums and reminisces on better times as Sofia sings: “I’ve lived and I’ve loved and I’ve learnt a lot”. Sofia also tells CityMag that ‘I’ve’ is a “whimsical, sad tune centred around yearning for validation on the adolescent experience”.

Panoptique Electrical – For Piano

Sweeney is a regular on CityMag’s best new music column and this month he returns with an ambient album, For Years, released under the Panoptique Electrical experimental music project. The 10-track LP includes the track For Piano, which is so calm and peaceful that this CityMag reporter almost feels like nodding off (not advisable at work!). Panoptique Electrical began in 2007 as a collaboration between Sweeney and fellow musicians Zoë Barry, Jed Palmer and Tristan Louth-Robins.

Travis Cook — ‘hymn pony’

Travis Cook — former member of Collarbonessays his new track ‘hymn pony’ is for the freaks. The main feature is Nelly Furtado’s ‘Maneater’ wildly chopped apart and stitched back together leaving remnants of the song scattered throughout the three-minute and 12-second bop. You may not recognise the Nelly banger in the first instance, but when she screams “I wanna see you all on your knees”, Travis will have you begging for more.

War Room – Crossways Original Score

Crossways is an original film score created by War Room band members Louis Campbell and Luke Kilgariff-Johnson alongside bassist Jack Buenfeld. The ambient score was composed for director Max Hammerstein’s short film, Crossroads, which premiered at the St Kilda Film Festival this June. CityMag focused on the second track in the score, which is both serene and slightly ominous.

Weekend Rage – The Ropes

Weekend Rage is self-described as “dad bod pop-punk” and we’re into it. ‘The Ropes’is their latest track about watching the phone and the deteriorating effect social media can have on your self-esteem. But, it has an optimistic twist that you can change that line of thinking in keeping with their mission to make happy songs for sad people. This satisfies our reporter’s emo hearts and we’re eager to see where the alt-rock four-piece goes next.

Adelaide's best new music (2024)
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